What does IPC in a printed circuit board do? What is the use?

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  IPC can be understood as an international association established by the printed circuit board industry. IPC has more than 2,600 members of the association. IPC is the International Association of Electronics Industry Connections. It is the most influential organization in the electronics manufacturing industry in the United States and the world. one.

  What does IPC do?

  For a long time, IPC has been committed to the development of PCB standard specifications. IPC has developed thousands of standards and specifications. IPC mainly provides industry standards, certification training, market research and policy promotion, and supports by supporting various projects. This global production value of $ 1.5 trillion in industry demand. It has a major impact on the world electronic circuit industry.

  IPC has developed a lot of standard specifications for printed circuit boards, which has promoted the development of printed circuit boards and has a good supervision and reference for the development of the industry. Therefore, many printed circuit board manufacturers are also willing to apply for certification services provided by IPC. Because the certification can prove that the company's printed circuit board meets the IPC international standard production specifications, the company's image can also be a good upgrade.

  Basically, every industry has an association. Is the printed circuit board only the IPC association? Of course not. There are also "China Electronic Circuit Industry Associations" in China, and their roles are similar. However, in terms of popularity, IPC is more global and more recognizable. Each country will have a corresponding association, the purpose is to develop certain product standard specifications to prevent market product chaos.

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