Which manufacturer can produce automotive pcb circuit boards?

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  Regardless of whether it is an automotive circuit board or a medical device, aerospace equipment and other circuit boards, they are collectively referred to as a PCB circuit board. There is no difference. The difference is that the circuit and the components to be mounted are different, and the system to be imported is different. The PCB circuit The board manufacturers provide PCB circuit board information according to customers, and the PCB factory produces according to the data.

  Automotive circuit board

  Usually gerber files, or PCB design drawings, process BOMs or templates are available. After obtaining these materials, the PCB circuit board factory will calculate the process calculation based on the data.

  There are many circuit boards in the car, such as the central control display circuit board, the oil meter instrument board circuit board, the engine controller circuit board, the car key circuit board, etc., which are all made according to the PCB design data or the template. The difference is that if you want to copy the board, you must crack the software inside. The general recommendation is to design your own software to burn it in, otherwise the crack is very troublesome.

  Many friends who know cars like to modify themselves. If a circuit board is broken, I would like to go directly to the manufacturer to ask if there is a circuit board of a certain model. This method is not advisable because the circuit board manufacturers will only provide according to what you provide. The data is produced. If there is no circuit board of a certain product, it is generally encountered that the automobile circuit board is bad. Or you can directly find the original factory to match one, or go to the 4S shop for repair. If you are looking for a circuit board factory, the circuit board factory will help you to make a copy board. If there is no chip program, it is best to crack it according to the template.

  Just want to make a PCB inside a car for your own car, you should consider its cost, because you find a PCB board manufacturer to do a circuit board is very expensive, the manufacturer will follow the proofing process for you, one The price of the board will be very expensive, consider whether the cost is to find the manufacturer or to repair which is lower.

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