How much does it cost to make a printed circuit board?

2018-04-15 Writer: H.C.C. Views: 283

H.C.C Technology participated in the 2018 Embedded Systems Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany from February 27th to March 1st.

  Our booth: 1-654

  Founded in 2003, the exhibition has been successfully held for 15 sessions. It is the world's largest exhibition of embedded electronic and industrial computer applications, and is also the world's largest embedded system exhibition. As an annual event in the embedded industry, the exhibition will be divided into four major themes of hardware, tools, application software and services; covering industry 4.0, automation, motion control, human-machine interface, Internet of Things, cloud computing, medical electronics, smart home , motor control, smart metering, industrial communication and many other fields, providing a platform for the display and exchange of cutting-edge technologies and trends in the world for semiconductors, embedded boards, industrial computers, intelligent systems in various industries, and Internet of Things solutions. .

  In these fields, PCB boards are needed. H.C.C Technology is a manufacturer of PCB circuit boards. It is designed to help various electronic industry sectors to solve related circuit board solutions. This is also an important reason for this exhibition. As we all know, Germany is a In countries with developed electronics industries, in addition to providing PCB circuit board solutions, the exhibition also cooperated with companies in the world's major electronics fields to grow their technology fields.

  As a PCB manufacturer in the electronics industry, H.C.C has been listening to industry recommendations and is committed to the concept of global common development to create better quality and best-performing PCB boards for the industry. This exhibition has communicated with many international companies and reached strategic cooperation, which has won unanimous recognition from overseas customers.

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