H.C.C. International Limited Global Exhibition Information for the Second Half of 2018

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H.C.C. International Limited Global Exhibition Information for the Second Half of 2018

Name of faircountry / regiontimeposition numberExhibition size
Hong Kong Autumn Electronics FairChina Hong Kong2018/10/13—2018/10/165F-G269㎡

Electronica in 



  The Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Fair is hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. This is one of the world's largest electronics fairs.

  Range of exhibition:

  1. Components: Semiconductors, sensors, relays, switches and network connection products, instrumentation and accessories, passive components, engine/motor, cable, system integration and subsystems, ED/EDA and inspection technology, display products, power products , battery, etc.;

  2. Production technology: raw material processing equipment, component manufacturing equipment, production equipment and related products of PCB or other circuit devices, cable production technology, welding technology, assembly and module production equipment;

  3. LED class: LED device, LED lighting, LCD device, liquid crystal display product, display module, TFT-LCD, optical device, light source product, photoelectric technology and equipment.

  4.3D printing, audiovisual products, intellectual property business district, computer and peripheral products, digital imaging products, electronic accessories, electronic game products, electronic health products, household appliances, i-World, automotive electronics and navigation systems, office automation and equipment , personal electronic products.

  5. Robot and unmanned control technology, security products, small batch procurement, intelligent technology, start-up and district, telecommunications products, testing and certification services.

  Electronica in Munich

  Munich Electronics Show, a high-level event in the global electronics industry, has been held every two years since the International Electronic Components Expo (electronica)in 1964 .

  Exhibition content

  Electronic components and components, electronic materials, high and low voltage power supplies and switching devices, control components, circuit protection devices, power supplies, batteries, low voltage cables, cables, wiring harnesses, electromechanical components and connection technology, antenna technology, passive components, Silicon crystal devices, electronic materials, rare earths, magnetic powders, magnetic cores, transformers, coils, micro motors, welding technology, semiconductor devices, insulating materials, magnetic materials and products, plug-in devices, electro-acoustic accessories, hubs, speakers, buzzers , optoelectronics, photovoltaic products, photothermal products, fiber optic components and connector technology, display devices, TFT-LCD, liquid crystal devices, LCD/LED devices and technologies, LED lighting, clean energy products, electronic test instruments and meters, PCB design and Plate making, electronic production processes, packaging, electronic production equipment, etc.

  Exhibition Content

  Electronic components and parts, electronic material, high and low voltage power supply and switching device, control component, circuit protection device, power supply, battery, low voltage cable, connecting line, wiring harness, electromechanical component and interconnection technique, antenna technology, passive component, silicon crystal device, electronic raw material, rare earth, magnetic powder, magnetic core, transformer, coil, micromotor, welding technology, semiconductor device, insulating material, magnetic material and product, plug-in device, electro-acoustic accessories, concentrator, trumpet, buzzer, optoelectronics, photovoltaic product, photothermal product, fiber optic component and connector technology, display device, TFT-LCD, liquid crystal device, LCD/LED device and technology, LED lighting, clean energy product, electronic test instrument and meter, PCB design and platemaking, electronic production process, packaging, electronic production equipment, etc.

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